Dublin Airport Terminal 1


The D.A.A. (Dublin Airport Authority) is responsible for the operations in and around Dublin and Cork Airports. The company (including retail) had a 2012 turn-over of over €575 million

Dublin Airport handles upwards of 16 million passengers each year.



The brief was to supply a reliable DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) controlled emergency lighting system to Terminal 1. The whole system was to be controlled from a user-operated PC. All parts of the emergency lighting system were to communicate their status to the PC. Terminal 1 maintenance staff were to use the reports generated from the PC to carry out targeted maintenance.



This was achieved with the use of 6 pairs of identical sine-wave static inverter systems. Each pair of systems would supply a dedicated area in the terminal building. The sine-wave inverters all operate in a passive off-line mode, reducing the wear on inverter components. The lighting load is supplied via an internal bypass, from the airport mains supply. When the supply fails, the inverter will supply the load.

Each system is a single phase-in/single phase-out system and is capable of tripping a distribution fault up to 6A.

The lighting control system will monitor the status of each static inverter and indicate any faults on the user head end PC.

The emergency lights are all operating at 100% output, reducing the number of lights to illuminate a given space. All emergency lights are controlled by a DALI based lighting control system. Every ballast connected to the DALI control system will transmit status to the user head end PC (once it is correctly commissioned).



  • 100% light output from designated emergency luminaires.
  • A centralised battery which gives easy access for maintenance work to be carried out.
  • Remote testing is possible via a control system interface.
  • The DALI control system gives prompt reports to the DAA maintenance staff allowing for targeted maintenance minimising down time of the emergency lighting system as a whole.Copyright acknowledgementAll images of Dublin Airport are © DAA plc.