Central Criminal Courts Of Justice


The Irish Courts services are responsible for the management of and maintenance of the courts buildings and services provided to users of the courts.

The Central Criminal Courts building, located on Park Gate Street was completed in 2008.



To supply an emergency lighting system that was suitable for the court building. This included consideration of the needs of various different groups; Judges, members of the public, people serving on juries and defendants. The secure nature of the building meant that access would be limited after the building was complete.



A DALI controlled self-contained emergency lighting system was chosen, where each emergency light was connected to a central control PC. This would allow emergency lights located in secure or access restricted areas to be tested and monitored without the need to enter the restricted area.



  • Targeted maintenance and testing can be carried out.
  • Individual emergency lights can be tested and monitored from a central PC.
  • Security can be maintained.
  • Reporting of faulty lamps and emergency lighting modules can be logged easily.
  • Maintenance records can be maintained in an economical and ecologically friendly way.