Selux Launch at Architecture Expo 2016 in the RDS

“Whether it is interior or exterior lighting, there is a growing need for tailored lighting solutions offering high-end optics designed to illuminate a specific task, item or function”, says Gearoid McKenna, Director, Profile Lighting & Power who distribute the renowned Selux range in Ireland.

“Today’s lighting specifiers demand creative design and innovative styling in products that also incorporate features such as digitally-controlled light systems for efficient light management, daylight sensors, multimedia playback walls or coloured lighting concepts designed to create a unique lighting ambience.

“LEDs and OLEDs offer entirely new potential for design and ergonomics, resulting in minimal construction for a more integrated product design, longer service life and lower energy consumption. At Selux our goal is to develop products that are extraordinary, products that originate in practice but have a different approach and are credible and convincing. This results in the best solution for all requirements, irrespective of the project scale.

“Superior lighting solutions are based on complex light calculations, many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of materials and light sources. It is also imperative that the product supplier is involved in the design process as early as possible. That way the manufacturing process, ease-of-assembly, durability and product maintenance can be factored into the design concept as all are essential for a product’s economic efficiency.

“With lighting, quality lies in the details. To be more specific, it requires high-quality materials and processing capability, low-resource production and a comprehensive understanding of the application. This is what turns good products into exceptional lighting solutions.”